Did you miss me?

Sorry for the recent period of quietness. I have been busy and something had to give. I've still been making images of course, but they just haven't been getting as far as the www. I should be back on track now.

In the interim period I have been learning about all sorts. I have developed several b & w films, the first since I was at school, so that's about 25 years... really exciting. I have been using the Diana camera, which my sweetheart picked up for 10 pence at a jumble sale last year, with amazing results and this sparked off a potentially obsessive thread in building my own panoramic (6x12 or something like that) format camera or at least hacking another camera up to make one. I bought an old Agfa isolette folding bellows camera at a car boot sale for a few pounds and that's proved very fun too.

Following a post by Jim Cogland from London Photobloggers on the Photoblogs.org blog I discovered Autostitch and have been using it quite a lot. I really like what it does, often very beautiful results, though quite different from what I have been doing before. I like both approaches.

Oh yes, and the other amazing thing is that I sold 8 photo-montages to the South Bank Centre. I will post some info and images on this subject soon.

In the meantime I have posted 2 new images (just use the previous button) and I have a whole stack of new ones more or less ready to go, so come back soon.



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