I live and work in central London, I am (primarily) a self employed www person, but i sometimes do some carpentry if i have a little down time.

I do the montages simply because i like them, the distortions of a slightly wide lens give them something that a single image never could.. or maybe im just a crap photographer and i cant frame a shot to save my life. There is a slightly reductive tendency on the horizon and i will post some "single" shots sometime.

Most of the published shots so far shot on canon S50 which i must say i am very pleased with. Its a shame you can't put cheap russian screw mount lenses on it but nevertheless..

I have become more and more interested in making my own cameras. Pinhole and panoramic both seem to hold alot of wonder for me. I am halfway through making a small but nonetheless frankenstein monster of a panoramic made from a nimslo and a twin lens reflex. More on that when its finished.


Anonymous Stephanie Brim said...

There is seriously nothing like a cheap Russian lens. Don't know what I'd do without my Jupiter-12. Luckily I have a Canon P to put it on.

February 07, 2006 8:19 am  

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